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From a simple white background to the most complex clipping paths. Get pixel perfect image editing services, whenever you need them.

What can We Do?

Skillers Zone IT provides the ultimate clipping solution. It has a dynamic team for offshore graphic service from a renowned editing studio. It follows the state-of-art technology. We have dedicated photo editors who deliver the clipping paths using relevant latest software.

We set strategy to clip and give the affordable cost estimation depending on the volume, degree or complicity of the images.

What is Clipping Path?

This is such a technology-based service which can remove or cut any background from a particular image and does some other functions as well. The clipping services consist of- masking, drop shadow, neck and shoulder joint, manipulation, photo retouching and other possible image solutions. Software such as Photoshop, Illustrator or Corel Draw can bring the best output for clipping path work.

How does We Work?

Our image editors have potentiality to deliver the works by maintaining these following steps-

Determining the image condition

First, the editing team sorts out the nature and condition of the image. Thus, the work level and volume become clear. It gets then too easy to advise our clients.

Identifying the needed solution

After analyzing the actual status of the images, our editing team goes to prepare the possible solutions. The solution includes total timeframe, required software name and delivery.

Giving report to clients

Whether the amount is bulk or limited, our working team can advise the clients properly at this stage. The advice report includes- cost estimation, condition of image, probable solution & time of delivery.

Delivering Quick Work

After all the necessary scrutinization, comes the turn of delivering the work to our valued clients. We have dedicated 24/7 customer support, and we try to deliver the work within the quickest time. But quality is our key concern.

List of Services

Clipping paths has enormous categories. Therefore, our editing team does it with a high level of care. We work on wide array of services, which go here-

Photo Retouch

This service is of recent origin. Photo retouching enhances the glow, contrast, color optimization and face cleaning of the photos. It is also called face correction. We carefully work specially by doing so many retouching services, like- glamour retouching, product and portrait retouching, skin retouching, etc.

Background Removal

It is similar to the entire clipping path. We remove or cut the background of any image as per client’s choice. For image background removal, there are so many reputed graphic software. We mostly use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator & Corel Draw. These sets of software ensure 99% removal accuracy.

Image Masking

It is an obviously essential service of clipping paths. Image masking means to erase tiny and trifling edges of a photo. It consumes a lot of effort and time to reach a clinical finish. Graphic designers, advertising agencies, fashion houses and website designers need the image masking service largely. We do this with bold patience.

Color Correction

This service seems easy, but it is the most critical one which requires editing excellence. Suitability and adjustability of color combination to a particular image are known as correction. It solves any splashy issue of the image with customized format. Our adequate graphic designers can correct the image of your color at global standard.

Drop Shadow

It is such a creative service that produces drop shadows and back-effects in the image. Drop shadow makes an illusion at the lower part of the image. It is needed for certain businesses. Our team performs the drop shadow work so nicely to bring the most professional output. The natural and real look comes up sweetly.

Why are We Unparalleled?

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Quality Service

We ensure professional standards to serve the finest quality work on the image clipping path. Our commitment and service are on equal footing.

Continuous After-Service

Our dedicated team gives after-service despite the work has been well-delivered. This service might include any reasonable or gross correction and editing on the images.

Three-fold Checking

Through three stages of checking and verification, we finally release the complete work. It ensures fine-tuned image editing.

Easy to Contact Option

To order is as easy as clicking on the mouse. Drop us an email or call out the hotline number for availing your desired image editing service. Our team will brief accordingly.

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