How To Become A Pinterest Virtual Assistant

How To Become A Pinterest Virtual Assistant

How To Become A Pinterest Virtual Assistant

How to become a pinterest Virtual Assistant

Raise your hand if you’ve thought about How to Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant.

Do you know what I love about that service, btw? 

You can easily offer it as a packaged service, so you’re not working at an hourly rate and trading time for money! In case you’re interested, I thought I’d share my new video where I break down how to become a Pinterest VA (even if you’re a beginner)!

I’ve been working at home since 2019 and I’ve even trained over 700+ other people how to work from home all through virtual assistants.

What is a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

A Pinterest virtual assistant specializing in Pinterest helps clients grow their presence on the platform by creating visually appealing pins and pinboards. 

The assistant crafts compelling descriptions for each pin to attract clicks from searchers, ultimately increasing traffic to the client’s website and generating leads.

Now Pinterest management is one of my favorite things to train people on how to do because it’s an awesome way to make money from home. so In this article, I’m going to be breaking It down for you. 

Here’s something really Pinteresting, I always thought that Pinterest was really only used for pinning your Pinteresting hobbies and Pinterest.

I’d Pin outfits I’d pin hairstyles Did you know that many small businesses are now using Pinterest to grow their small business Pinterest? Keep Reading if you want to become a Pinterest manager. 

Why would a business need a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

A Pinterest manager’s main goal is to assist you in obtaining high-quality traffic to your website. 

If you are not skilled in design or do not have a graphic designer on staff, many Pinterest managers offer pin design services as well. 

They can assist you in creating pin graphics that are tailored to your niche on Pinterest.

Here are signs you need a Pinterest manager.

  • You don’t have time for other ‘social’ platforms
  • You get pinned without a proper technique.
  • Creating pin graphics takes your time and energy
  • You can’t always keep up with changing platforms
  • You hate working on Pinterest marketing activities
  • You need to develop a customized strategy for your business.
  • You want to increase traffic, email lists, and sales.
  • Want to save your time.
  • Experience rapid growth.
  • Need help creating your Pinterest Pin.

Hiring a virtual assistant is more convenient and economical as compared to hiring a full-time administrative assistant. 

A virtual assistant from an offshore location has a lower rate, which of course, still depends on the cost of labor in the country where he or she works.

Hiring a virtual assistant also offers greater flexibility. Business owners can make use of their service only when needed. 

For instance, they can choose one who can work for only a few hours a day, a few days in a week, or within a specific timeframe. 

It all depends on their needs and/or the contract they have signed with them.

A virtual assistant can also help business owners with market research. If they are just starting their business, or if they want to keep up with the latest trends, conducting market research is really important. 

Determining and catering to their prospects’ value proposition is one of the best ways to attract the most promising customers.

Delegating their administrative tasks to a virtual assistant will also help them become more efficient and effective with their work. 

It allows them to obtain greater focus in developing their business, one thing at a time. This way, they can come up with better decisions for the improvement of their business.

This technological era has made almost everything possible. It includes connecting people from different parts of the world.

It gives entrepreneurs the ability to work with other people from offshore locations which can help them to significantly cut the cost of their expenditures while maintaining their desired quality.

How To Become A Pinterest Virtual Assistant Step by Step

  • Learn what is Pinterest and how it works.
  • Take a Free and Paid Course From Udemy
  • Learn from Online Blogs
  • Create a Business Pinterest Account
  • Create a Virtual Assistant Service Page.
  • Create a Board and Publish Pin Regularly
  • Become Familiar with Tools Related to Pinterest
  • Design Pin Graphics.
  • Write Pin Descriptions.
  • learn online and Test Regularly
  • Network as a Pinterest virtual assistant

Here are some key thoughts about being a Virtual Assistant:

  • Do you have solid (and I mean INCREDIBLY SOLID) skills that you can offer? Just because you use Microsoft Office doesn’t mean you can be a great assistant to someone. Understand what you do great, and do that. Don’t do anything you’re not adept at.
  • Do you want to be a niche VA, or all-purpose? Some VAs I know are extremely skilled in accounting/bookkeeping, so that’s all they focus on. They’re not going to sell social media services because it’s not their forte. (See #1 above)
  • Are you okay working alone in your home office? It sounds good, but some people just can’t be alone all the time. Some people need to be in a brick and mortar situation.
  • Do you have a home office? You’re going to need one, along with software, a website, and various other tools to get you going.
  • Service, service, service. GREAT service. You have to be great for your clients, all the time. Or you won’t have any clients. You have to care about what you’re doing for them. And the only way you’re going to care is if you’re doing work that you enjoy doing.

Top Things You Need To Know How To Become A Pinterest Virtual Assistant

  1. How to convert a profile from personal to business
  2. How to confirm a website with Pinterest.
  3. How to enable rich pins.
  4. How to optimize a Pinterest profile and images.
  5. How to write Pinterest friendly pin descriptions.
  6. How to Create Quality Pinterest Boards.
  7. How to find and join group boards.
  8. How to interpret Pinterest Analytics.
  9. How to use an automated pin scheduler such as Tailwind.

The first thing you’re going to need to know is how to manage Pinterest. How are you going to manage your various client’s accounts? 

It comes with the knowledge of how to grow and run a Pinterest account for business. So, Here are some of the top things that you’ll need to know How to do if you want to run Pinterest for a client.

If this list seems totally overwhelming don’t worry all of these things can be learned. 

But If you’re hearing this list and it really doesn’t seem interesting to you then there may be better options than Pinterest management.

What About Pinterest Management Seems The Most Interesting To You? 

Let me know In the comment, the number two thing that you’ll need to do in order to start your own Pinterest management business. 

To really have an understanding of where your clients are starting from do they already have a Pinterest presence?

Are they already showing up on different boards? Are they making images on their blog posts pinnable?

Go ahead and do an assessment this is one of the ways that you can go ahead and add value to your clients is by doing an audit. 


How are they already performing on Pinterest? Go through and assess and then you can use this information as a starting point for growing their Pinterest presence. 

What’s amazing is this kind of audit is something that you could even do for potential clients. This is one of the things that we talk about at the virtual. 

SkillerszoneIT is Adding value first so maybe there’s a dream client that you would love to work for and you notice that they really haven’t done a lot on Pinterest yet.

Go Ahead and perform, one of these Pinterest audits for them to go through and actually assess if are they pinning on group boards and if they have pinnable images on their website. 

What Is It That They’re Doing Well And What Are Some Areas That They Could Improve?

This is a great way to show value first and potentially gain a new client with all the information that you’re giving them for Free. 

Now maybe you don’t already have the skills, maybe you don’t know how to do these audits or you don’t know how to run somebody’s Pinterest account. 

But you can easily take courses from Udemy. View the entire course by clicking on this link. View Course:) 

So, You’ve learned how to manage a Pinterest account. You’ve really done a deep dive into your potential client or your current client into what they already have going on in their Pinterest World.

The next thing, You need to do is you need to actually know how are you going to present your services that all comes down to packaging and Pricing. You can have packaged base pricing that means you don’t have to necessarily work hourly, 

Here’s a couple of Examples,

How To Become A Pinterest Virtual Assistant - Pricing plan _2

How To Become A Pinterest Virtual Assistant - Pricing plan _1

How To Become A Pinterest Virtual Assistant - Pricing plan _ Basic Package

How To Become A Pinterest Virtual Assistant - Pricing plan _ Premium Package

How To Become A Pinterest Virtual Assistant - Pricing plan _ Elite Package


What does a Pinterest Virtual Assistant do?

A virtual assistant (VA) for Pinterest plays a vital role in managing and optimizing a brand’s or individual’s presence on the platform. 

Pinterest is a visual discovery and bookmarking platform, and a VA can help leverage its potential for marketing, branding, and engagement. Here’s an overview of the role of a virtual assistant for Pinterest:

  • Profile Setup and Optimization: The VA helps set up and optimize a Pinterest profile, ensuring it aligns with the brand’s image and objectives. This includes choosing relevant profile images, crafting a compelling bio, and selecting appropriate keywords.
  • Pin Creation and Management: The VA creates visually appealing pins that resonate with the target audience. This involves designing graphics, adding engaging descriptions, and including relevant hashtags and keywords for search optimization.
  • Content Curation: The VA identifies and curates relevant content from across the web that aligns with the brand’s niche. This helps keep the Pinterest boards active and diverse, catering to the interests of the followers.
  • Board Management: The VA organizes and manages Pinterest boards, ensuring they are categorized logically and consistently. Boards can be created based on various themes, topics, or products.
  • Pin Scheduling: Using scheduling tools, the VA can plan and schedule pins to be published at optimal times. This helps maintain a consistent presence on the platform and reach a broader audience.
  • Keyword Research and Optimization: Effective keyword research is crucial for Pinterest SEO. The VA identifies relevant keywords and incorporates them into pin descriptions, board titles, and other metadata.
  • Analytics and Reporting: The VA monitors Pinterest analytics to track the performance of pins, boards, and overall engagement. Regular reporting provides insights into what’s working and what needs adjustment.
  • Engagement and Community Building: Engagement is key on Pinterest. The VA interacts with followers, responds to comments, and engages with others’ content to foster a sense of community around the brand.
  • Collaborations and Group Boards: The VA can identify and initiate collaborations with other users or brands, contributing to group boards and expanding the brand’s reach to new audiences.
  • Trend Analysis: Pinterest trends change frequently. The VA keeps an eye on emerging trends and incorporates them into the content strategy to stay current and relevant.
  • Promoted Pins Campaigns: If the brand is running Promoted Pins campaigns, the VA can assist in setting up, monitoring, and optimizing these campaigns to reach a targeted audience.
  • Influencer Outreach: If relevant, the VA can identify and reach out to potential influencers or collaborators within the Pinterest community to amplify the brand’s reach.
  • Stay Updated with Platform Changes: Pinterest often updates its features and algorithms. The VA keeps up with these changes and adjusts the strategy accordingly.

Where to Find Pinterest Virtual Assistant Jobs and Clients?

There are multiple ways to find clients for your Pinterest virtual assistant business–Freelance Marketplace, Linkedin, Email and Social Media outreach,  Facebook groups, online job boards, and referrals.

Social media virtual assistant is a specific niche within the virtual assistant industry, and there are several ways to find clients as a social media VA. Some of the most effective ways include:

  • Freelance Marketplace: Thousands of Virtual assistant jobs are posted daily on the freelance marketplace. where you can easily apply and get jobs by creating an account. Some of the popular marketplaces are Fiver, Upwork,, etc. There are also many other marketplaces. You can find it by doing a Google Search.
  • Social media platforms: Platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook can be great places to connect with potential clients. Join groups related to your niche, and interact with other professionals in the industry to showcase your skills and experience.
  • Networking events: Attend networking events, meet-ups, and conferences related to social media and digital marketing, and connect with other professionals in the industry.
  • Referral: Ask your current or past clients for referrals. They may know someone who needs a social media VA, and personal recommendations can be powerful.
  • Personal Branding: Building your brand can be a great way to attract clients. Build a strong online presence by creating a portfolio website, blog, and social media profiles that showcase your skills and experience.
  • Cold emailing: Reach out to businesses and entrepreneurs who could benefit from your services by sending them an email. Make sure to have a good subject line, and demonstrate how you can help them.
  • Social media marketing: Use your own social media channels to promote your services and attract clients. You can use paid advertising or content marketing to reach a wider audience.
  • Online job boards: Every day thousands of jobs are published on various online job portals. Create an account on all these platforms and decorate your profile beautifully. After that apply for the jobs.

Remember that finding clients as a social media VA requires persistence and networking. Building a strong portfolio, creating solid personal branding, and providing excellent customer service can go a long way in attracting and retaining clients in this field.


Pinterest can really be a profitable traffic for lots of different kinds of business.

So Don’t think that you have to be stuck on business that only do you know the craft of recipes, Lots of different kinds of audiences can benefit from a Pinterest strategy. 

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